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Date: Sun Oct 29 2000 - 04:22:27 MST

At 01:00 AM 10/29/00 -0400, Ron h wrote:

> It is an interesting point you raise. Did Joe ever answer my querry
>about listing all the places that gun laws had cut the number of criminal
>acts. His side side has been passing gun laws for over 100 years surely they
>have had some roussing successes.
> Hey, is gun crime down in New York, how about Chicago. It is up in
>Toronto and they have real good gun laws. They even recently had an incident
>when they arrested a known gun runner to serve a warrant.
> Actually Joe couldn't we move off this site and leave these good people
>alone? They have a perfectly good site all set aside for us. What do the
>rest of you think?
>Ron h.

I have challenged many in the past to come up with just those numbers. Not
on this list, but in person.

So far, no one has been able to point up a single proven instance of gun
restrictions bringing a reduction in crime. There are incidents on record,
however, that show how "gun control" or "gun safety" laws have resulted in
death or injury to innocents who could not get to a gun to defend themselves.

Every instance of rape or robbery on the street is an instance where
concealed carry, for instance, might have prevented the crime.

Recent news reports have shown gun incidents dropping for the last few
years, especially in the accidental shooting category. This at the same
time that gun ownership has increased. This could be a sign of better
education among gun owners.

I have no knowledge of any real study that ties crime or accident
reductions to any particular law.

Just reading the papers in the Chicago area reveals that crimes involving
guns are not going away. You never hear of convictions for the gun, it is
often dropped in a plea bargain for a "juicier" crime like robbery or
murder. You NEVER hear of someone being prosecuted for Brady Law
violations, or at a federal level, except for a very few gun dealers or
manufacturers like Maadi-Griffin in Arizona recently, who the BATF nailed
for selling perfectly legal .50-caliber single shot rifle kits. Or Waco,
which was in essence a matter of an alleged failure to pay a $200 transfer

Chuck Kuecker

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