Re: GUNS: Why here?

Date: Sat Oct 28 2000 - 23:00:09 MDT

In a message dated 10/28/00 7:17:26 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes: << If Joe won't move over to exi-freedom, why don't
we all agree to just
 ignore any future posts on the subject? Chuck Kuecker >>

    It is an interesting point you raise. Did Joe ever answer my querry
about listing all the places that gun laws had cut the number of criminal
acts. His side side has been passing gun laws for over 100 years surely they
have had some roussing successes.
    Hey, is gun crime down in New York, how about Chicago. It is up in
Toronto and they have real good gun laws. They even recently had an incident
when they arrested a known gun runner to serve a warrant.
    Actually Joe couldn't we move off this site and leave these good people
alone? They have a perfectly good site all set aside for us. What do the
rest of you think?
Ron h.

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