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From: Joe Dees (
Date: Thu Oct 26 2000 - 14:01:58 MDT

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>Subject: Re: GUNS: Why here?
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>> With all respect to you; can't you figure this one out? Look at the
>>average Anti-gun zealots mail. It is full of data, carefully framed
>>quotations of how their leaders only want to save lives not ban guns and even
>>reveal that they have excellent sites that will give you the full story
>>against guns. This is a well financed and orchestrated campaign to get all
>>guns out of the country.
>> As part of that campaign they demonize Lott, the NRA and anyone else
>> that
>>opposes them. I especially enjoy the hoops they jump through trying to
>>explain away our constitutional right to bear arms.
>> I don't shoot or belong to the NRA and I mostly watch this debate
>> from my
>>lurking position in the corner of the room but truly the anti gun zealots are
>>easy to see through.
>> What is their goal? A country, possibly a world, where only they or
>>people they approve of have guns. Why would I say that? Again just watch;
>>then tell me the next time you see one of the zealot's leaders without an
>>armed guard. Please, if you ever see one send me an email. I'll mark it in
>>my journal as worthy of remembrance.
>>Ron h.
>I know - I just wanted to make Joe think there. I am fully aware of the
>process by which we are being stripped of all rights, not just guns. The
>Million Moms "grassroots" movement is a prime example.
>I have yet to see any anti in public without an armed escort.
>If you have never been shooting, check out the nearest pistol range - most
>of them rent guns. It's a real hoot! If you are ever in the Chicago area,
>drop me a line, and I would be glad to let you check out an "assault rifle"
>or two.
The Million Mom March began as an idea in the mind of a single mom, and spread like wildfire, as it resonated with a majority of the populace.
Actually, the well-orchestrated campaign belongs to, and always has belonged to, the NRA, which is unparalleled in their foisting of lies-with-statistics (the baby-drowning-in-buckets urban legend being a prime example, which I have previously debunked), and which spends more than twice as much as those who wish responsible and loophole-free gun laws in this country. As far as getting all the guns out of this country, that is, as far as I am concerned, a baldfaced propagandistic LIE, as my wish is just to see them kept out of the hands of psychos, violent crinimals and children, as far as is legally possible, without infringing upon the rights of sane and law-abiding adults to purchase, keep and bear. To have the resonsible armed and the irresponsible unarmed is in my opinion the best of all possible worlds, and although this ideal is not achoeveable in practice, I would like to see it approached as closely as is practicably possible. Only children, psychos and violent crim!
inals would approve of children, psychos and violent criminals packing. BTW; people praise George Soros' committment to marijuana decriminalization; well, finally the responsible gun ownership lobby has their own George Soros, and it is the NRA's worst nightmare, as their War On Drugs clone War On Responsible Gun Ownership is now facing principled, popular, committed and financed opposition.
I have returned from a week camping in the Blackwater wilderness area and a week sunning and recuperating in a Fort Walton condo (without an armed guard); Hava Happy, Y'all!
>Chuck Kuecker

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