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Date: Tue Oct 24 2000 - 18:37:08 MDT

when is 'money' going to be correlated to amount of protons (other
important particle) transmuted? that would be a great time.
literally, monitoring all of them.

Brent Allsop wrote:
> Zero Powers <> responded:
> > I still think you're over-estimating the good being done by ExI
> What might be a more realistic value then? Sure, some $$$
> spent will be worth more than other $$$ spent on getting us to the
> singularity (and hence bringing immortal salvation to more), and given
> the time value of money, surely in general, $$$ spent now are more
> valuable than $$$ spent 10 or 20 years from now to the effort of
> bringing eternal salvation to more people.
> Surely, some amount of money spent today on Exi, medical
> research or whatever will more or less bring eternal salvation to one
> more of our children. Perhaps $0.01, or $1, or maybe $100? Maybe
> more for each immortal soul?
> Lets say spending $10,000 on ExI, on average enables one more
> of our children to make it to eternal salvation. Lets say spending
> $10,000 on the Red Cross increases the average mortal life span of 100
> people by 10 years (and lets assume this isn't, yet, enough to get any
> of them to the singularity.) Would you consider these to be
> conservative numbers yet? Even with this, which is the better buy?
> I think I'd hope I'd be able to give up 10 years of my life if
> it'd bring one more of my children eternal salvation.
> I try to simply think, every $1 spent today might bring
> immortality to one more of my children. Perhaps this is a little to
> optimistic, but by how much, do you think? Even if it is, it still
> helps me to overcome my selfishness and give a little more.
> I kind of feel like the Mormon church which tries to justify
> their lack of aid to humanity, given the billions of $$$ they take in
> every year. They just built a billion $$$ conference center in
> downtown SLC which is the largest (and likely the most expensive)
> religious building of it's type anywhere. They claim: why help a
> person live a few more years of life, when you might be able to give
> them eternal salvation by converting them and getting them baptized?
> But then, this justification works for me and not for them, because
> I'm right and their wrong right?;) If extropians are right, how many
> people could the LDS church really bring eternal salvation to, given
> such huge amount of resources, if they only really knew which was the
> better buy????
> Brent Allsop

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