From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Tue Oct 24 2000 - 18:21:40 MDT

Brent Allsop wrote:
> Zero Powers <> responded:
> > I still think you're over-estimating the good being done by ExI
> What might be a more realistic value then? Sure, some $$$
> spent will be worth more than other $$$ spent on getting us to the
> singularity (and hence bringing immortal salvation to more), and given
> the time value of money, surely in general, $$$ spent now are more
> valuable than $$$ spent 10 or 20 years from now to the effort of
> bringing eternal salvation to more people.

Its also different because money put into ExI works as a catalyst to encourage
more and more of the population to think positively about technology and the
future, and for them to invest in the things we want accomplished. Exi money
works as the fulcrum upon which the vast capital in our society can be levered.
Every time someone like Max, Ralph, Marvin, Natasha, Robin, etc. gets a chance
to promulgate extropic memes in the media, in the classroom, or on the web, it
helps to innoculate more and more people against luddite thinking.

Mike Lorrey

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