Re: PPT vs PDF :) (was: RE: Burning the Cosmic Commons Talk)

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Mon Oct 23 2000 - 17:08:40 MDT

Frank Prengel wrote:
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> > From: Eugene Leitl
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> > Dan Fabulich writes:
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> > > Save this file as a .ps file and run ps2pdf on it, which comes with
> > > Ghostscript.
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> > Sounds like a recipe to get huge files. Rather use native .pdf export
> > capacities.
> Yep, the pdfwrite device does the job perfectly. Much better than Adobe's PDF
> Writer, in fact, which for some strange reason couldn't embed the Symbol font
> into the PDF, as a result of which Damien B. complained about lots of "???" in
> the file that I sent him. Looks like you can't trust commercial software (and
> it's not even MS this time ;)

PDF Writer is not a post script driver, it is a GDI driver, so it doesn't embed
ANY fonts whatsoever. I am currently dealing with problems with PDF Writer,
trying to create a PDF of a Corel Draw 6 file I have. The text all comes
through, but three of the four fonts result in the letters all being upside down
for those fonts, which I've never seen before. To make truly portable documents,
you should use Distiller Assistant as your driver (or some other standard PS
driver) to create good PS code, or else pdf export capabilities within the
applications. The reason I'm not doing it in this case is that I need to retain
the RGB colors of this graphic (which get muddied when the driver converts them
to CMYK, because Draw 6 uses the old Candela color system which is just not
accurate to convert to CMYK from RGB)

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