Upgrading ExI, was:Re: DON'T JOIN THE EXI! IT'S A SCAM.

From: Michael S. Lorrey (retroman@turbont.net)
Date: Mon Oct 23 2000 - 16:01:09 MDT

Yes, on that note, I suggest you get in touch with WAS, Inc (www.was-inc.com).
They are an ecommerce fulfillment house that uses Datamann software in the
background, and they have developed the new ecommerce web interface for
Datamann. They are in California, so you folks out there should be able to get
in touch with them easily. Les Kooyman is the guy to talk to there that knows
me. They can handle the credit card processing for memebrships, and help ExI and
the Extropic Art Center set up a shopping cart for, what else, "t-shirts and
coffee mugs... " ;-).


Samantha Atkins wrote:
> One thing that should be done on the extropy site post-haste is to have
> a real secure form and credit card processing available. It is quite
> embarrassing for a bunch of futurists to have grossly outmoded online
> order and payment services. I was not at all pleased on upgrading my
> membership to see a post-submit screen that says "details emailed to..."
> some extropy address. Does this mean my credit card number was sent
> over unsecure email? This is very bad and quite amateur. Use some of
> the fees collected to fix such nonsense. AFAIK it is not that expensiveto either process it yourselves or sign up with a service that can
> process secure credit card orders.
> - samantha

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