Re: Cheapskates:DON'T JOIN THE EXI! IT'S A SCAM.

From: Ian Arcatling (
Date: Sun Oct 22 2000 - 18:09:27 MDT

> >I am
> > certain that you can use that money better.
>I certainly don't belong to the NRA just because of
>the magazine

     I see what you mean. If I lived in the US I would also be a member of
the NRA, and I wouldn't care if they sent me a bi-monthly magazine or not.
Since I don't live in the US, I can see no point whatsoever in being a
member of the NRA, however. I will not influence the situation in this
country by being a member in an organisation like the NRA in a foreign
country on the other side of the earth. It would be a complete waste of

>Now, if you are the sort of shallow person who only thinks in terms
>of immediate material benefit, I suppose ExI may not be for you, either in
>of its membership benefits or in its overall long term goals.
     OK. Fair enough. I can live with that. I just wish that it had said
so on the Extropy site early last year, when I joined. Membership in the
ExI is some sort of holy crusade, is it? Think not of such petty things as
money or personal gain, for there is something higher and more noble to be
had from joining our holy mission.

     You may be right for all I know. After all, I joined the ExI primarily
because I agree with just about everything it stands for. Unfortunately, I
doubt that the ExI will make much of a difference over here in the
foreseeable future, and I am very poor. Hence, I will be shallow and
materialistic enough to draw the conclusion that if the satisfaction of
knowing that I support the forces of good is really all that you get out of
an ExI membership, it is not for me. If I were rich I might consider it,
but as it is, yes, I do like to get a least something back for my money.


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