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> > On the other hand, I don't know how anyone could maintain that,
> > say, Sweden in the 1970s or 80s had achieved some insurmountable
> > zenith of perfection in the arrangement of human affairs. (I'm
> > picking Sweden for my own rhetorical purposes :-).
> It made me a transhumanist. Although that was my *reaction* to it, not
> an intended result :-)
> (I'm still living in the projects where I grew up, but now with
> broadband internet access and underneath the local cellphone antenna
> complex :-)

Speaking of Sweden . . . I read recently about how the very strong political
consensus behind the socialist plan laid out in the 1960s in Sweden was
unravelling a bit in the 1990s. Is this true? What's the financial status
of the Swedish welfare state? I've also read that the Scandinavian countries
are doing a better job of countries like Holland and Germany in keeping the
welfare state funded. Any pointers to good overview-level descriptions of
current social and political issues in Sweden and elsewhere in Scandinavia
(in English . . . sorry I don't habla Svensk)?

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