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Date: Sun Oct 22 2000 - 03:49:21 MDT

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> TEA mugs and COFFEE shirts, dammit!
> "Tchotchke Different"

It reminds me of when WIRED magazine came out. I kept wondering why it wasn't
a completely E-magazine. The answer of course is money. Money to produce it,
money to sustain it, money to count as profit, money to pay salaries, etc, ad
nauseum. We talk of nanites and cyberuniverses and whatnot; yet we still have
to survive in the Newtonian Realm of meatspace. So, perhaps, Ex and Trans
people will have to adopt marketing techniques to promote themselves? That
will require time, effort, and (sigh) money. Also a "business plan" of some
sort to coordinate it. Maybe tschockes may not be a bad start?

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