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> Spudboy100 wrote:
> You guys are hinting at what seems to be
> a Platonic discovery of certain memes that
> get developed in various peoples.Interesting.
> According to Ibn Hazm in the beginning
> there existed a single language given by God,
> thanks to which Adam was able to understand
> the quiddity of things. This tongue provided
> a name for every thing, and a thing for each name.
> But if such a prior language existed, why should
> have men undergone the unprofitable task of inventing
> other idioms? And if it did not exist, which was the
> source of our natural languages? The only explanation
> is that there was an original language which included
> all others. The confusion did not depend on the
> accidental invention of new languages, but on the
> fragmentation of a unique tongue that existed
> ab initio and in which all the other were already
> contained. - Umberto Eco -
> In Genesis 11 we are told that after the Flood,
> "the whole earth was of one language, and of
> one speech". Yet, human beings in their vanity
> conceived a desire to rival the Lord, and thus to
> erect a tower that would reach up to the heavens.
> To punish their pride and to put a stop to the
> construction of the Babel tower, God confused
> their languages.
> About the first language and those theories
> of L.L. Cavalli-Sforza and J.H. Greenberg

Oh Yes. Isn't this also the semiotics/semantics of philosophers like
Husserl/Wittgenstein/Bergson and the like?

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