Ankh variations

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Date: Fri Oct 20 2000 - 15:32:20 MDT

Ziana wrote:
.... a lot of the pharaohs intentionally
chose a name with the word "ankh"
in it to represent their 'eternal life'.

  The great anthropologist Luca Cavalli Sforza
(Stanford Un.) spent many years researching a tribe
of pigmees living in Cameron and these pigmees
called themselves AKA, a word meaning simply *people*.
  And there are four main tribes in Ghana who speak
a common language, whose name, AKAN,
means *of the people*.
  An nteresting primitive tribe of hunters, living on a sacred
mountain at the border of Uganda, Sudan and Kenya,
called themselves IK, meaning *people*. The word IK
means *clan* in several dialects of the Berbers.
  The Khazars had a religious leader called the KAGAN.
Now the acceptable equivalences KAGAN >
KAHAN (hebrew) > COHEN (high priest) >
KAHN (king of Mongols) > CACANUS (chiefs of the Avars)
seem to have the same original meaning:
AN = *divine light*, KA = *of the people*.
  Is the *divine light of people* the original meaning of the
term INCA ?
(I'm indebted to the mathematician E. Spedicato
for this insanity)

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