Re: white powder of gold

From: Dave Sill (
Date: Wed Oct 18 2000 - 13:04:17 MDT

J R Molloy <> wrote:
> > Since there was no scientific basis for any of the fantastic claims made
> > regarding "white powder of gold", it would be a waste of time/money/effort
> > to demonstrate that it's crap.
> You must not have read the articles at the URLs cited in the original post.
> Or did you? How many did you read? Which ones?
> (Thought so.)

You got me. I didn't read any of them. My bogosity meter buried the needle
before I got all the way through your message.

In response to your challenge, though, I did read the first link and skimmed
a couple others. It turns out that my bogosity meter is working perfectly
after all: this white gold stuff is nothing but mumbo jumbo. It's pretty
good for pseudoscientific gibberish, but I don't think it'd fool anyone who
knows anything about science, especially chemistry.


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