Re: PPT vs PDF :) (was: RE: Burning the Cosmic Commons Talk)

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Wed Oct 18 2000 - 11:19:12 MDT

Eugene Leitl wrote:
> Dan Fabulich writes:
> > Save this file as a .ps file and run ps2pdf on it, which comes with
> > Ghostscript.
> Sounds like a recipe to get huge files. Rather use native .pdf export
> capacities.

Actually, it works really well. PDF drivers (printer drivers that put out PDF)
actually produce larger files than going by the distiller route, in many cases.
Producing postscript first, then distilling with the parameters set as you want
them, is in my experience a faster and more compact way to go. Of course, if you
leave the PS files lying around they will take up disk space, but there is
really no need to do that. For example, I produce a 1800 page software manual in
hardcopy, PDF, and HTML. Greyscale at 600 dpi, with thousands of graphics. The
source file in Ventura is 24 megs, the post script file runs about 92 megs,
while the distilled PDF is abour 9 megs, and the HTML version runs about 15 megs
(graphics included). What is great about the PDF file is that the ventura
generated tables of contents and indices (you can do multiple) are used to
generate bookmarks in the PDF, not only creating links on every TOC and index
entry on the pages themselves, but the collapsible bookmark tree is generated
that can appear on the left side of the window. (For you scientific types,
Ventura also has a really great equation editor). I publish the HTML and PDF
versions on the same CD-ROM, and I use Acrobat to also create a search engine
index for the Acro Reader search features. Datamann customers have found that
the PDF version is the easiest to use and search. The one thing I don't like
about Ventura's publish to HTML feature is that when you publish an entire
publication, it creates ONE HTML file for every chapter, rather than divvying up
page by page or section by section, so some pages can wind up being pretty
large, causing long load times.

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