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Date: Tue Oct 17 2000 - 22:32:24 MDT

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>We also have all heard that the bible actually does set the value of pi to

>3. I have looked this up and find this to be false. The actual verse

>describes a basin 10 cubits across and 30 cubits around. This would make pi

> 3 if a circle's circumference was 3 times its diameter.

>The diameter should have been 0.45 cubits (or 8.1 inches) shorter to make pi

>come out accurately. However, this is a huge basin 15 feet (or 10 cubits)

>across. Its diameter was measured "from lip to lip" of the basin. If the

>lips added 4 inches (or 0.225 cubits) on each side, the measurements would

>be accurate. A 4 inch lip on a 15 foot basin is not unlikely. As far as I

>can tell, there is no discrepancy in these measurements.

No: the stated diameter is too long. If it's an interior diameter, it should
been shorter yet, so 10 cubits is even further off. The basin would have
to have a lip *negative* 4 inches wide to make the measurements right.
I'd like to see that mold! ;-)

And what's it made of? Presumably negative-weight matter! If we could but
find it we could build that time-travel machine.

You're right about the bible not saying pi is 3; for the reasons you state,
bible is actually saying pi is between 0 and 3.

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