Re: Cold Fusion Update

From: scerir (
Date: Tue Oct 17 2000 - 08:16:35 MDT

John Clark wrote:
It would have been great if cold fusion worked but it doesn't so let's move

Augustine of Hippo said "multitudo non est sequenda". Pehaps he was
wrong. Einstein said something like "theories decide what we can
look at". Fine. Right now at Enea (president and chief: Carlo Rubbia) new
(repeatable, of course) experiments are *very silently* performed.
These experiments are different from those performed in 1989 by Martin
Fleishmann (member of the Royal Society, the best name in the field)
and also by S.E. Jones (Observation of cold nuclear fusion in condensed
matter, "Nature", March, 23, 1989). As far as I know experiments at Enea
show a little gain in the energy output, about 10%. Not very exciting.
The theoretical framework was provided by G. Preparata (dead recently).
Essentially coherent migrations and thickenings of electrons
(in the Pd lattice) are able to "shield" the D-D repulsion effect
(Coulomb barrier weakened). Helium is created. Energy is stored
in the Pd lattice as a heat reservoir. We'll see.

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