Re: Cold Fusion Update

From: John Clark (
Date: Mon Oct 16 2000 - 09:26:50 MDT

 scerir <> Wrote:

>But Nature rejected Fermi's famous paper about beta decay.

And 11 years later the paper was still unpublished and Fermi an unknown?
I don't think so.

> I ask to myself: why Governments and Universities are *still*
> providing money for these experiments?

It took them a while, governments have never been very bright, but even
the Japanese have wised up and given up on cold fusion. Even The University
of Utah closed its cold fusion lab and I can't think of another, of course universities
have no power to tell all their tenured professors how to spend their spare time,
and every institution has its nuts.

It would have been great if cold fusion worked but it doesn't so let's move on.

        John K Clark

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