Re: Surplus launch vehicles

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Tue Oct 17 2000 - 07:26:43 MDT

Jeff Davis wrote:
> I can just see it. Govt. auction. Offered for sale: surplus to current
> operational needs. Fifty minuteman icbm's. Recently inspected. Never
> been used. Buyer must arrange for transport. No minimum, no reserve. etc etc
> What do they do with these things, anyway, when they decommission them as
> part of whatever arms control/disarmament agreement requires it? Anyone
> know FOR SURE? Destroy them, would be my guess. But perhaps they're just
> no good for "peaceful" purposes. Doug, spike? Anyone?
> I won't embellish my question any further because you can see where I'm
> going. I mean it isn't exactly rocket sci...well, er,... I guess,
> actually, it is.

AFAICR, the Conestoga rocket system of the late 80's was built on a few
Minuteman stages. Since that design never got anywhere commercially, I assume
that they must be expensive (though if you get them at auction as surplus, that
is likely cheaper than manufacturers retail.)

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