MED: Dr. Ronald Klatz: "Human Immortality Is Achievable By The Year 2029"

Date: Tue Oct 17 2000 - 06:52:27 MDT

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>From Internet Wire,
"Human Immortality Is Achievable By The Year 2029," Proclaims Ronald Klatz,
M.D., Pioneering Biotech Guru And Founding Physician Of Anti-Aging Movement

 CHICAGO, IL -- (INTERNET WIRE) -- 10/02/2000 -- In the October 2000 issue
of Anti-Aging Medical News, an official scientific newsletter servicing a
physician readership in excess of 50,000 worldwide, Dr. Ronald Klatz, Senior
Fellow at Tufts University, President of the 10,000 member American Academy
of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M, Chicago, IL), and inventor/administrator of
more than 100 US biotech patents, advances his longstanding thesis that life
expectancy projections based on pastcast models will be quickly abandoned in
favor of a new forecasting projection of longevity that focuses on five
emerging technologies which, taken collectively, will be the singlemost
important innovation that delivers boundless vitality to humankind within
the next three decades.

Dr. Klatz's authoritative report on the future of human life expectancy
debunks pessimistic claims of a predetermined and finite limit to human
lifespan as advanced by S. Jay Olshansky, demographer at the University of
Illinois at Chicago. Olshansky, whose statistics-centered, non-clinical
research is underwritten by the National Institute of Aging, is part of an
arcane and ineffective movement seeking to squelch the voice of
forward-looking physicians and scientists who embrace cutting-edge medical
and biotechnological advancements that will help us to achieve human
immortality. Olshansky, who since 1990 has clung to historical statistical
analyses purporting that the elimination of cancer, heart disease, and
diabetes would increase life expectancy only to about age 85, and would
proliferate disabling conditions such as arthritis, Alzheimer's disease, and
vision and hearing losses in advanced age, is now contradicted by a highly
reputable and objective source. In a new study published by the prestigious
Science magazine (Sep 29 2000: 2366-2368), "Increase in Maximum Life-Span in
Sweden, 1861-1999," we learn that in Sweden, the maximum age at death has
risen from 100 years during the 1860s to about 108 years during the 1990s.
The study's authoring team, demographers J. R. Wilmoth and L. J. Deegan of
the University of California/Berkeley along with H. Lundström, and S.
Horiuchi, acknowledge that "an intensification of efforts … to prevent or
even cure ailments such as coronary heart disease, stroke, and cancer" has
profoundly contributed to "the more rapid rise in the maximum age since

In "Making the Quantum Leap to Human Immortality in the Year 2029" appearing
in the October 2000 issue of Anti-Aging Medical News, Dr. Klatz advances the
concept of The Longevity Link, a novel representation of the impact of five
key biomedical technologies on gains in human longevity.

According to Dr. Klatz's LEx Equation, medical knowledge and technology
doubles every 3.5 years and gains in human longevity are directly
proportional to the cumulative sum of advancements in the biotech fields of:
stem cells, giving rise to a supply of human cells, tissues, and organs for
use in acute emergency care as well as treatment of chronic, debilitating

cloning, a technique holding tremendous promise in producing consistent
organs, tissues, and proteins for biomedical use in humans

nanotechnology, enabling scientists to use tiny tools to manipulate human
biology at its most basic levels

artificial organs, making replacement body parts available
digital cerebral interface, a technology to transfer one's thoughts, sensory
perceptions, emotions, personality, and autonomic body responses -- to
computer storage device, enabling your memories and consciousness to survive
in the event of your physical death

Says Dr. Klatz, "The accelerating biotech revolution leads us to the
incontrovertible conclusion that human immortality -- lifespans beyond 120
years -- may well be delivered by the year 2029. The arrival at the Ageless
Society is believed by leaders in the government, commercial, and private
sectors to be the salvation and solution to the healthcare crisis in

As a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization, the American Academy of
Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) is the only non-profit, non-commercial, medical
society in the world devoted to eradicating the degenerative diseases of
aging. Since its inception seven years ago, the A4M has been the first and
only scientific nonprofit medical society to have forecast the deliverance
of human lifespans in excess of 100 years. The 10,000 physician, scientist,
and health practitioner members of the A4M are forging a profound healthcare
paradigm shift that alleviates the mounting social, economic, and medical
woes otherwise anticipated to arrive with the rapidly growing volume of an
aging population. The A4M sponsors The World Health Network, the Internet's
#1 anti-aging portal, at, as part of its mission of
promoting advocacy and awareness of this new clinical science.

Special complimentary media-only offers are available at View galley proof copies of Dr. Klatz's
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Year 2029" and "Anti-Aging Medicine Delivers the Potential for Human
Immortality." At, you may request a complimentary
subscription to Anti-Aging Medical News (including the Fall 2000 issue) as
well as Press Credentials for the foremost annual conference on human
longevity -- the Eighth International Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine and
Biomedical Technologies taking place 15-17 December 2000 at The Venetian
Resort & Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, where 4,000 of the world's top
scientists and clinicians will be in attendance.

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