Re: RANT: Me dumping my stress on you, you've been warned.

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Date: Mon Oct 16 2000 - 21:07:38 MDT

Or John Alan Lee's, "The Colors of Love" Bantam Books 1976 or New Press 1973
(hard back) or the short version:

"The Styles of Loving", Psychology Today, Oct 1974 ,pp43-51

Best Ralph

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>Alex Future Bokov wrote:
>> Above all, don't let anybody break your heart.
>> They come anywhere near your myocardial region you bite
>> their goddamn fingers off. You'll find better somebodys
>> further down the road.
>Hmmm. May I suggest a dip into Dorothy Tennov's
>_Love and Limerence: The Experience of Being in Love_,
>originally published 1979, reprinted 1999, and still
>worth reading:
>Also, a firm grounding in evolutionary psychology
>apropos the relations between the sexes never hurt
>anybody. Cf. Donald Symons' _The Evolution of
>Human Sexuality_, published 1981 and apparently
>still in print:
>"...and if there are self-made Purgatories, then we
>all have to live in them."
>Mr. Spock, to Leila Kalomi, in _Star Trek_ (original
>series) episode "This Side of Paradise" (1967) by
>Jerry Sohl and Dorothy C. Fontana.
>Jim F.
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