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Date: Sun Oct 15 2000 - 07:13:24 MDT

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>- --- Amara Graps <> wrote:
>> Meyer-Briggs:
>> Enneagram:
>> 5w6
>> Goddess-Archetypes
>> Artemis 28% Aphrodite 25%
>> Athena 18% Persephone 20%
>> Demeter 9% Hera 0%
>> ...
>Interesting! Where can the Enneagram and
>Goddess-Archetypes things be found?


For the Enneagram, I took a short course 10 years ago in Menlo Park,
Calif., and I used these books:

_Personality Types_
_Understanding the Enneagram_
both by Don Riso

The Enneagram has been my most useful tool, by far, to
accept/understand/etc. any perplexing behavior of people around me.
Once I have figured out a person's "type", then their actions make a
lot of sense.

(Note that these words come from a "5" (me) who likes "systems" and
"synthesizing" and "understanding all" so there is a real bias on my

For the goddess-archetypes, I used a book:
_The Goddess Within_
by J. Woolger and R. Woolger

also about 10 years ago. I use the archetypes as one way to track my
evolution in my own thinking, feeling, life-perspectives, and so on.
I take the test in the book every few years, mostly out of
curiosity. My main archetypes always stay the same, but the others
shift around a few percentage points, and in the way that they
shift, sometimes I'm surprised, and sometimes I'm not surprised.

This is simply another self-knowing tool. One can find an infinite
number of self-knowing tools, if one is so motivated.


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