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Date: Sun Oct 15 2000 - 09:56:08 MDT

At 02:13 PM 10/15/00 +0100, Amara wrote:

>also about 10 years ago. I use the archetypes as one way to track my
>evolution in my own thinking, feeling, life-perspectives, and so on.
>I take the test in the book every few years, mostly out of
>curiosity. My main archetypes always stay the same, but the others
>shift around a few percentage points, and in the way that they
>shift, sometimes I'm surprised, and sometimes I'm not surprised.

Thanks for reminding me about this book. I just tried to locate it in my
bookcase, but I think I tossed it to make room for more current scientific
and culturally minded material. And this is a shame, actually because if I
squint my eyes, my bookcase is leaning more toward one direction instead of
my preferred fluid flow of knowledge.

Regarding the Enneagram, what I appreciate greatly from this type of tool
is the ability to differentiate personality types and recognize what is
going on under the surface. It just plain feels good when there is a
gleaning of insight from others, including oneself, instead of unnecessary
psychological side-tracking.

There is a book that I refer to from time to time. Although it's not based
on a specific way of interpreting information, it is based on archetypical
patterns within the characters. Which characters you identify with enables
a recognition of archetypical patterings. The book is a fantasy book
titled _Medicine Woman_. However the author would like readers to believe
her fantasy to be true, from my own experience living with the Navajo
Indians, and being adopted into the tribe by the medicine man, I know that
both her story as well as Carlos Castanada's story are fanciful illusions.
This is not to discredit fanciful illusions, especially when written by
skilled authors who can take an archetype and fling it out in such a way
that the reader is consumed by the journey.

>This is simply another self-knowing tool.

As is that stunning harvest moon last night, thanks Amara.


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