Re: white powder of gold

From: John Clark (
Date: Sat Oct 14 2000 - 22:47:51 MDT

J. R. Molloy <>

>>Well investigate it someplace else, this is the Extropian list, if I want to
>>read junk science I'd pick up a supermarket tabloid.

>That doesn't sound like a very extropic attitude to me, Johnny boy

J. R my dear boy I think it's a very practical attitude. If I want to read about UFO's,
 Elvis's ghost, a face on Mars, diet tips of movie stars, or white powder of gold,
I know where to find it, and it's not the Extropian list.

>Sounds rather closed-minded

As opposed to being so open minded your brains fall out.

>hostile and bigoted.

Well, perhaps you could sue me under the Americans with disabilities act, for
discrimination against the feeble minded.

>Furthermore, extropy isn't quite mainstream science yet

All the more reason not to write things that are pathologically stupid.

>The scientific way to approach this would be to either heat gold to approx.
>5,600 degrees in an argon bath, as per Hudson's instructions

WRONG! There are an infinite number of potential things you could test but
only a finite amount of time . Part of the scientific method is knowing what is
worth your time and what is not. This is not. When you an idea and test
it and it doesn't work you don't keep testing it over and over, you move on to
other things.

>Anyway, I tend to *agree* with your rather harsh evaluation of this subject,

Then why the hell did you waste everybody's time by posting this crap.

               John K Clark

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