Re: white powder of gold

From: J. R. Molloy (
Date: Sat Oct 14 2000 - 15:04:22 MDT

"Spike Jones" wrote,

> Uhh, J.R., bud, honestly, as a friend, my advise is to lay off the white
> spike

Well, uh, OK, Spike. But it does sound like it has powerfully extropic
(And no, it's not *that* kind of white powder.)

"John Clark" scolded,

> Well investigate it someplace else, this is the Extropian list, if I want to
> read junk science I'd pick up a supermarket tabloid.

That doesn't sound like a very extropic attitude to me, Johnny boy. Sounds
rather closed-minded, hostile, and bigoted. Furthermore, extropy isn't quite
mainstream science yet (perhaps in part because of rude people who invite
investigators to leave). Evil Yudkowsky's AI would probably have a friendlier
attitude than yours, or at least a more objective one.

The scientific way to approach this would be to either heat gold to approx.
5,600 degrees in an argon bath, as per Hudson's instructions, or correspond with
someone who has tried to replicate the experiment. Anyway, I tend to *agree*
with your rather harsh evaluation of this subject, since it has been couched in
religious terminology, which makes it even more bogus than junk science.
Thank you for your opinion. (At least you didn't waste any bandwidth on it.)

Stay hungry,

--J. R.
3M TA3

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