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> What exactly *are* our rights, if we get some disease that will turn our
> brains to shit before we breathe our last?

Outside of Oregon, to die as painlessly as possible, but not "before your

> Two good examples would
> be emphysema and Alzheimers. Is there a state that will let us go into
> cryo-suspension before too much damage is done?


> Can we pull that
> cryonics-as-religion gag in order to get some anti-hate-crime special
> rights?

It would cost a lot and a defeat after a lengthy court battle would be
disaterous to the cryonics movement.

> I dont see why at least *one* of the 50 state legistatures would
> not grok what we are trying to do.

Because they're run by politicians who can't take chances.

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