Re: At last! A socially productive niche for IP lawyers.

Date: Sat Oct 14 2000 - 21:19:40 MDT

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> What if somebody forms a law firm that files class action suits on
> behalf of exploited workers? Or property owners in areas that are
> suffering from illegal toxic dumping by companies? Or individuals who
> were harrassed or discriminated against by a particular institution?
> Heck, there already are organizations like that out there-- why are
> most of them non-profits? Theoretically they should be rolling in the
> dough from a cut of the settlements (and from shorting the stock of the
> companies they are targetting, just like Aharonian is proposing to do).
> What am I overlooking?

Nothing. That's exactly how it works and the succesful ones truly roll in
the dough.

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