Re: IRS definition of religion (Was: Back off! I'm Navajo!)

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Date: Fri Oct 13 2000 - 19:11:25 MDT

I don't think it's evaluated to the extent that one would assume. For
example, I paid 30 bucks (although I entered the agreement with lack of a
serious face) to become an ordained minister of the Subgenius, via online. Our worship consists "SLACK" of several "Devivals"
and "X-days", (of which, I am not attendee) our parody of the (in a scary
loud voice now) end of the world!! There are also usenet groups and various
get togethers. The doctrine consists of pure rant, and ongoing Bob Dobb
psychobabble. It's all in ironic jest. There are several other org's
similar to this type of religion shmigioning, (I believe some have been
mentioned on the list before) where you are legally allowed to perform a
Reverend's duties, that right Rev. Nanogirl (aw' come on, no heckling
now...) can 'now pronounce you'... whatever you want.
Anyway, my point is, it's not that selective. In 1979, all it took was two
people and 15 bucks in the state of Ca. Of course that was a long time ago,
and I am not up to date with the current quo.
Gina "Nanogirl" Miller

> Ralph wrote:
> > Appears very biased to Western religious practices. If one was a Taoist,
> > doubt if the IRS would accept it as a religion (anyone know if they
> > Yet, Satanism would most likely be acceptable!
> Since Taoists, outside of Westerners who think it is simply a philosophy,
> has temples and priests, I think they would accept it.
> Al

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