Re: IRS definition of religion (Was: Back off! I'm Navajo!)

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Fri Oct 13 2000 - 23:15:14 MDT

> Emlyn wrote: > What are the actual rules for setting up a religion?
> "Eliezer S. Yudkowsky" wrote: criteria the IRS uses for
> deciding whether an organization qualifies as a tax-exempt "church".
> ==

OK, well, lets try this then:

> 1 Provide a brief history of the development of the organization, including
> the reasons for its formation.

We give the actual one, along with the fabricated Broderickjo history.

> 2 Does the organization have a written creed or statement of faith? Yes No
> If “Yes,” attach a copy.

The extropian principles, v. 3.0.

> 3 Does the organization require prospective members to renounce other
> religious beliefs or their membership in other churches or religious orders
> to become members? No Yes

Wellllll, no, I suppose not. Pure reason might require this, but I dont think
this extrojo church requires it.

> 4 Does the organization have a formal code of doctrine and discipline for
> its members? Yes No
> If “Yes,” describe.

The extropian principles is the formal code. Discipline? Dont know,
but it kinda has a sexy ring to it... {8^D

> 5 Describe the form of worship and attach a schedule of worship services.

The occasional extro-schmoozes? Schedule of worship, well, the
related Foresight Institute Nanoschmoozes on third Thursday of the
month might hafta do. Form of worship? Its kinda sorta just a
big yakkity yak session mostly. We love em.

> 6 Are the services open to the public? No Yes
> If “Yes,” describe how the organization publicizes its services and
> explain the criteria for admittance.

Yes! On the chat group.

> 7 Explain how the organization attracts new members.

Well, I dont know how that happens. Does anyone here know this?

> 8 (a) How many active members are currently enrolled in the church?

How many extropian members are there? Max?

> (b) What is the average attendance at the worship services?

If you count the Foresight schmoozes, we have been getting a
couple dozen. The approximately bi-annual extroschmoozes,
a couple hundred.

> 9 In addition to worship services, what other religious services
> (such as baptisms, weddings, funerals, etc.) does the organization conduct?

No baptisms, no weddings that I know of, two very heartbreaking
funerals so far, if you count a cryosuspension as a funeral.

> 10 Does the organization have a school for the religious instruction of the
> young? Yes No

No, but we have one for the old.

> 11 Were the current deacons, minister, and/or pastor formally ordained after
> a prescribed course of study? No Yes


> 12 Describe the organization’s religious hierarchy or ecclesiastical
> government.


> 13 Does the organization have an established place of worship? Yes No

In front of our computers.

> 14 Does (or will) the organization license or otherwise ordain ministers
> (or their equivalent) or issue church charters? No Yes

Doubt that.

> 15 Did the organization pay a fee for a church charter? Yes No
> If “Yes,” state the name and address of the organization to which the fee
> was paid, attach a copy of the charter, and describe the circumstances
> surrounding the chartering.

Extropian dues? Alcor dues?

> 16 Show how many hours a week the minister/pastor and officers each devote
> to church work and the amount of compensation paid to each of them. If
> the minister or pastor is otherwise employed, indicate by whom employed,
> the nature of the employment, and the hours devoted to that employment.

Um, folks, I dont think this extrojo religion thing is gonna fly. {8-[ There
should be *some* way we can tap into this anti-hate-crime ultra politically
correct environment to get the right to not be murdered by autopsy. spike

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