Re: META: Keep the subject lines clean, please!

From: Ifrit (
Date: Fri Oct 13 2000 - 17:27:29 MDT

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> You're a bit out of touch with Mom Logic, aren't you?
> But that's not the real reason - keeping "atheism" out of the subject
> would be a major and unusual inconvenience and it really would border on
> Family Correctness, like trying to keep message bodies clean. Keeping the
> subject lines PG-13 is just ordinary netiquette, if you ask me.

Or your mom's logic was different. I know when shows came on or something
with women in lingerie I would get yelled at, but there was always "it's
not my fault" or when my friends took to on-line porn, my parents didn't
want to acknowledge it as many conservative parents have acted post sexual
However, atheism is synonimous with satanism in a catholic/god-fearing
family, and even in some non-religious families. Were I to have ever been
caught challenging their religion... Same thing goes with politics.
Trying to read Mein Kampf, or the Communist Mannifesto? Luckily I could
pretend it was for Euro history and they'd go after the school =P.

> > - and be honest with your parents if
> > they are looking over your shoulder
> ...but *this* idea - Nadia, what planet did you grow up on?

I agree here. Be honest with them only if they can handle it. Otherwise,
one need have no responsibility to his/her parents. They didn't choose to
be brought into the world in that family. So reward them for
intelligence, and punish them for thier ignorances.


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