Re: Rational Optimism? Boundless Improvment? was: v2.5 vs v3.0

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Fri Oct 13 2000 - 00:28:08 MDT

Dan Fabulich wrote:
> Hey... here's a thought.
> Practical Optimism sounds bad, but Dynamic Optimism sounds like we're
> just REALLY optimistic.
> Since many people weren't very enthusiastic about the "Rational
> Thinking" principle anyway, what about "Rational Optimism," a
> combination of Practical Optimism and Rational Thinking?
> Is this as good as Dynamic Optimism? It sounds better than Practical
> Optimism, IMO, and still gets across what we mean. It's still not as
> strong as Dynamic, I think, but it communicates much better.

It depends a lot on who you are talking to, the local mindset. Heck,
with some people you can talk about creating a New Heaven and a New
Earth and that hooks way more energy than anything else. With other
people you start with something a little more directly rational,

One size will not fit all. One size will not even fit one in all moods
and POVs.

> As for Perpetual Progress... yes, it's not as poetic as Boundless
> Expansion, but more communicative, even though progress is vague
> enough to be conflated with the goals of the so-called "progressives."
> I always liked Boundless Improvement more than either of them...
> again, we're striving to become *better*, which is not necessarily
> *bigger*.

I would go for Endless Creative Joy myself. :-)

- samantha

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