Rational Optimism? Boundless Improvment? was: v2.5 vs v3.0

From: Dan Fabulich (daniel.fabulich@yale.edu)
Date: Thu Oct 12 2000 - 15:24:12 MDT

Hey... here's a thought.

Practical Optimism sounds bad, but Dynamic Optimism sounds like we're
just REALLY optimistic.

Since many people weren't very enthusiastic about the "Rational
Thinking" principle anyway, what about "Rational Optimism," a
combination of Practical Optimism and Rational Thinking?

Is this as good as Dynamic Optimism? It sounds better than Practical
Optimism, IMO, and still gets across what we mean. It's still not as
strong as Dynamic, I think, but it communicates much better.

As for Perpetual Progress... yes, it's not as poetic as Boundless
Expansion, but more communicative, even though progress is vague
enough to be conflated with the goals of the so-called "progressives."
I always liked Boundless Improvement more than either of them...
again, we're striving to become *better*, which is not necessarily


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