Re: On Nietzche

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Wed Oct 11 2000 - 16:39:06 MDT wrote:

> The author, had a tiny minority among those who retained a religious
> identity, regardless of near immortalism being a fact of everyday life. The
> most important person to receive top of the Hundred, was a scientist who
> developed "pseudo-immortality". So we shan't see a true test of Monotheism's
> durability until we achieve some form of consciouness-involved immortalism.

Immortality would change part of the basis of religious/spiritual
aspirations. But it would not make them go away. An immortal is even
more hungry for meaning and over-arching purpose than a mortal is. Also
I would point out that many religious teachings are about living as if
the supposedly immortal part is fundamental and the mortal part is only
transitory if not illusory. Making mortality go away would simply shift
them toward living within immortality instead of wishing for it.

Technophiles often mistake all caring for meaning/purpose/ethics/values
as superstitious, old-fashioned nonsense.

- samantha

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