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<< On Wed, 11 Oct 2000, Timothy Tiedemann wrote:
> Monotheism is just a passing fad considering its only been around for
> years and seems to be falling out of favor among educated and intelligent
> people. But human psychology seems to demand that life mean something so
> humans will probably always create some sort of transcendental belief
> system. The communists and nazis were atheists but in effect created their
> own belief system or religion that they were willing to die for.
 Yup. People need beliefs, reference points. Welcome to existentialism. Now
 obsoleted by Existentialism Plus, of course. >>

I am not sure as you are that existentialism covers it as well for everyone
else as it satisfies your psychological needs. Once virtual immortalism is
achieved somehow, the you will get a test of existentialism. I was reading a
book about the 100 most important, as seen from the year 3000. THe book is A
View From The Year 3000, by astronomer, Michael Hart. In his fiction of the
future the author states that immortalism was achived in the late 22nd
century, and one of the results was that the books of this time became
un-readable because our whole existence is clouded by mortality-hence so is
our literature.

The author, had a tiny minority among those who retained a religious
identity, regardless of near immortalism being a fact of everyday life. The
most important person to receive top of the Hundred, was a scientist who
developed "pseudo-immortality". So we shan't see a true test of Monotheism's
durability until we achieve some form of consciouness-involved immortalism.

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