Re: GUNS: Why here?

From: Chuck Kuecker (
Date: Wed Oct 11 2000 - 11:46:18 MDT

At 09:53 AM 10/11/00 -0400, you wrote:
> With all respect to you; can't you figure this one out? Look at the
>average Anti-gun zealots mail. It is full of data, carefully framed
>quotations of how their leaders only want to save lives not ban guns and even
>reveal that they have excellent sites that will give you the full story
>against guns. This is a well financed and orchestrated campaign to get all
>guns out of the country.
> As part of that campaign they demonize Lott, the NRA and anyone else
> that
>opposes them. I especially enjoy the hoops they jump through trying to
>explain away our constitutional right to bear arms.
> I don't shoot or belong to the NRA and I mostly watch this debate
> from my
>lurking position in the corner of the room but truly the anti gun zealots are
>easy to see through.
> What is their goal? A country, possibly a world, where only they or
>people they approve of have guns. Why would I say that? Again just watch;
>then tell me the next time you see one of the zealot's leaders without an
>armed guard. Please, if you ever see one send me an email. I'll mark it in
>my journal as worthy of remembrance.
>Ron h.

I know - I just wanted to make Joe think there. I am fully aware of the
process by which we are being stripped of all rights, not just guns. The
Million Moms "grassroots" movement is a prime example.

I have yet to see any anti in public without an armed escort.

If you have never been shooting, check out the nearest pistol range - most
of them rent guns. It's a real hoot! If you are ever in the Chicago area,
drop me a line, and I would be glad to let you check out an "assault rifle"
or two.

Chuck Kuecker

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