Re: GUNS: Why here?

Date: Wed Oct 11 2000 - 07:53:19 MDT

In a message dated 10/11/00 5:41:10 AM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:<< How did the NRA get to be such a devil, anyway? >>

    With all respect to you; can't you figure this one out? Look at the
average Anti-gun zealots mail. It is full of data, carefully framed
quotations of how their leaders only want to save lives not ban guns and even
reveal that they have excellent sites that will give you the full story
against guns. This is a well financed and orchestrated campaign to get all
guns out of the country.
    As part of that campaign they demonize Lott, the NRA and anyone else that
opposes them. I especially enjoy the hoops they jump through trying to
explain away our constitutional right to bear arms.
    I don't shoot or belong to the NRA and I mostly watch this debate from my
lurking position in the corner of the room but truly the anti gun zealots are
easy to see through.
    What is their goal? A country, possibly a world, where only they or
people they approve of have guns. Why would I say that? Again just watch;
then tell me the next time you see one of the zealot's leaders without an
armed guard. Please, if you ever see one send me an email. I'll mark it in
my journal as worthy of remembrance.
Ron h.

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