Re: GUNS: Why here?

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Wed Oct 11 2000 - 08:46:53 MDT

James Rogers wrote:
> Joe Dees wrote:
> > > As for bayonet lugs, when was the last time anyone was murdered
> > > with a bayonet (outside government sponsored action, of course)?
> >
> > Proof that it's purpose is not civilian hunting, unless you wanna
> > sneak up and knife your buck.
> *That* is a stupid justification for banning something. Who cares if
> it isn't used for civilian hunting?

Its not surprising that Joe is still beating the dead horse of the 'sporting
use', a term that was invented by the Nazis to justify their gun confiscation.

> > > Flash suppressors
> > > don't do anything that has any applicability to criminal use (if
> > > you think it does, you don't know what a flash suppressor is for)
> > > and falls under the same category as barrel shrouds.
> >
> > They're great for hiding the source location of snipers, especially
> > at night.
> You had to do it...<sigh>. A flash suppressor does *not* (repeat:
> does *not*) have any use for hiding snipers. In fact, real snipers
> intentionally do not use flash suppressors because it actually
> increases the muzzle signature (yes, really). But then, if you knew
> what you were talking about you wouldn't have mentioned it. Remember,
> the real world isn't like the movies.

This is funny. You know, when I was in Panama during the invasion, I was picking
off panamanian snipers firing on our flight line by spotting them by the star
pattern the flash suppressors on their rifles put out, especially at night. Joe
can't seem to help but put his foot in his mouth...

> > So you don't want the herd to know where you're picking
> > them off from? It's not a (game) hunting attachment.
> Some people don't seem to use their brain much either. Should we
> demand that they get a lobotomy? Sure they seem harmless now, but a
> fool is just *begging* for trouble.

And, actually, it is a hunting attachment. Both raccoon and bear hunters mount
flshlights on them for their night hunting. Get real, Joe.


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