Re: Cryo-suspension for death row.

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Tue Oct 10 2000 - 14:27:51 MDT

Brian D Williams wrote:
> From: Samantha Atkins <>
> >Y'all seem to be playing pretty fast and loose with "axiom" here
> >or at least what I understand an "axiom" to be. Any arbitrary
> >belief is not necessarily an "axiom" just because it is arbitrary.
> >In particular the notion of no life after death follows from
> >particulars ideas of what constitutes life, death and so on.
> >Such derivative notions are not "axioms". Axioms are primary
> >assumptions not derivable from anything else in a system of logic
> >or philosophy.
> From Websters Universal college dictionary:
> Axiom: 1) a self evident truth that requires no proof 2) a
> universally accepted principle or rule 3) a proposition in logic or
> mathematics that is assumed without proof for the sake of studying
> the consequences that follow from it.

I bow to Websters. Useless and irrelevant as it is.

- s

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