Re: Gay Extropians!!! (What have I started!??!)

Date: Mon Oct 09 2000 - 15:40:24 MDT

> Excellent advice, Eric.
> We know that bisexuals have greater success with women (according to studies
> done on this). So apparently women do find bisexuals more interesting (at least
> more *sexually* interesting). Husbands are, after all, so boring.
> --J. R.
> 3M TA3

I have no idea what studies you are talking about showing that bisexuals
(and I assume you are talking about males here) have more success with
women! Who does this kind of research?! I must read this! I've known a
host of bisexuals over the years (I'm 25 at the moment), and know
everything from married bisexuals to somewhat celebate ones. But I seem to
think that straight men are more into the bisexual women fantasy than
straight women are into the bisexual men fantasy. Still, I'm totally in
favor of fantasy and self-constructed selves.... (try to focus this back
to Extropian issues).

- Eric

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