Some handy learning aids.

From: Alex Future Bokov (
Date: Thu Oct 05 2000 - 20:40:50 MDT

Here's what Alex is using to survive his (hopefully) last year at
University of Michigan.

Piracetam, Nootropil, and soon Vasopressin
(smart drugs, not ready to recommend or not recommend yet)
Where to get--

(another smart drug-- unless I'm mistaken and it plays a support role...
Where to get--
Any large health store

(supposedly a supplement that has a mood elevating effect... haven't been
moody enough to really need it so far, just my luck, eh? :-) )
Where to get--
Any large drugstore or health store in the US

(self-quizzing shareware, very powerful, very customizable, optimizes
repetition intervals based on your individual learning curve... but the
godawful user interface that delights in violating Windows user interface
standards will itself present a somewhat challenging learning curve)
Where to get--

BrainWave Generator
(shareware that generates binaural beats to supposedly induce brain frequencies
conducive to whatever you happen to want your brain to be doing, ranging from
deep sleep to alertness to memorization)
Where to get--

(shareware that trains you to speedread, and is itself a very fast way to
download huge amounts of text into your brain quickly)
Where to get--

...and some very dear friends and colleagues who have given me inspiration
and support.
Where to get--
Wherever you can!!!


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