Re: Socialists & thuggery

Date: Wed Oct 04 2000 - 09:11:33 MDT

In a message dated 10/4/00 8:03:07 AM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:<< Anyone who tries to tell you these three
social systems were basically same thing because they weren't
anarcho-capitalism isn't contributing meaningfully to the conversation. >>

Sure they are. It is are like a man waiting to be executed that is asked to
debate whether it is the hangman, axeman, or electric chair operator that is
humanitarian. Even if there is a discernable difference it is accademic to
the sentenced. The truth is that all of those different groups are simply
thugs snatching power by force and ruling by force. You can debate the
various forms of ownership under the various system but the truth is that
under all systems the one or two at the top own everything including our
    By the way, I found the Subject heading offensive and changed it.
Ron H.

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