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Date: Wed Oct 04 2000 - 09:17:27 MDT

Max sent me this URL below which I earmarked. The topic is Thomas Dolby's
latest musical innovations in the Business2 interview:

"Five Questions With… Thomas Dolby Robertson, Beatnik's Chief Beatnik
Early '80s pop star Thomas Dolby Robertson built a musical career out of
technology-fueled innovation. So it's no surprise that Beatnik, his digital
audio firm, has been at the forefront of advancing music technologies. He
recently offered his insights to"

The last of the 5 questions is below:

"Do you sympathize with artists who are trying to wrest more control away
from the labels? And do you think that the artists who don't have the
equity in the marketplace of a Chuck D. or David Bowie have a chance to do
so?" (Jim Welte)


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