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From: Robin Hanson (
Date: Wed Oct 04 2000 - 06:39:40 MDT

Andrew Lias wrote:
>>... People like us are clearly the bad guys in the book, but it
>>was interesting to see what our worse crimes are from MacLeod's perspective.
>I'd be cautious about jumping to conclusions. MacLeod has publicly stated
>that the only intentional moral in the book is that posthumans should
>complete their upgrade path before they start to act agressive.

I'd be interested to read what his opinions are, in particular to learn what
"complete their upgrade path" could mean, but as I replied to Damien B.,
that doesn't change the point of view he presented in this novel.

>Certainly different characters have different viewpoints, with any number
>of characters asserting that the destruction of posthumans is tantamount
>to genocide.

In the end, genocide happens on the largest possible scale, in response to
a few
irresponsible ships being infected by viruses, and by all accounts given
thinks that was a good thing.

>... the PHs are rendered thoroughly inept, both in terms of raw power and
>in terms of foresite, in order for the book to reach its conclusion.


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