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From: J. R. Molloy (
Date: Tue Oct 03 2000 - 16:49:59 MDT

"Techno(Daniel Ust)transcendence" chimed,

> I think the thing to do is find activities that give one the exercize while
> being fun in themselves. For example, I like to hike and roller blade. I
> do not like to pump iron. So, I do the former a lot in hopes this will make
> up for not doing traditional exercizes. (It's not laziness with me, just
> boredom.) Along these lines, there are many activities which can do this --
> walking, biking, various sports (tennis, swimming, volley ball).

Good ideas. I got a mountain bike. So now I'll go and check the mail (a communal
cluster box) to get some exercise while monitoring the local postal atrocities.

> I wonder about the level of health on this list. How often do members get
> check ups? have their blood tested? How many are on healthy diets? not
> overweight? take supplements? One would hope people who are interested in
> maximum lifespans are doing this more than the rest of the population, but
> from the few people I've met over the years -- admittedly, not a good
> sample, since it is small and extemely biased:) -- it seems like it's more
> talk than action.

I recently got a complete physical (well, I still have to go for a pulmonary
function test), and guess what...
I've got thirty more years to live by the estimate of my esteemed VA medical
Whoopie! Thirty years of liver abuse have not yet put me under.

> This is sad, since lots of nontraumatic, preventable things can kill NOW,
> such as heart disease and certain other easily prevented diseases.

Well, you know, Dan... exercise is (in a way) carcinogenic, because as it
prevents heart disease, it lets us live long enough to die from cancer.

Anyway ... Thank you for your generous concern.

"Live long and prosper." --Spock
[Star Trek Collection]

--J. R.

"Man does not live long enough to profit from his faults." Jean de La Bruyere

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