Re: Nostaliga? (based on Back off! I'm gay!)

Date: Mon Oct 02 2000 - 00:26:45 MDT

Spike writes:
> Altho I had a fun time as a teenager, the times now are soooo much
> better in every way that I can think of: better computers, better health
> care, more money, better cars, more relaxed societal attitudes in areas
> that count, the internet, more channels on the tube, etc. I have a damn
> hard time imagining anything that isnt better now than when I was a
> teen. No wonder I am an extropian.

I read a newspaper column about 10 years ago about the president of a
Northern California cryonics organization - I think it was Trans Time.
It was really sad. The reporter was pressing him on why he wanted to
be frozen, what he was hoping to gain in the future, and he eventually
admitted that he just wanted to live his youth over again. He grew up
in the 50s and it was a very nostalgic time for him, and he felt that
in the future it would be possible for him to be young again and relive
those happy days.

It was sad to see him admitting to such a base and trivial motive for
his efforts. On the other hand, maybe he's right, and this kind of
emotional masturbation would indeed be possible in some form. It seems
like a lot of work to go through just to put your mind into a meaningless
cycle of pleasure, though. Maybe they can just thaw out his pleasure
centers and skip the rest.


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