RE: Hearty CONC Re: Rights (Was Re: Violence in schools)

Date: Tue Oct 03 2000 - 13:21:35 MDT

"Michael M. Butler wrote:

>>David Lubkin wrote:

>> It seems to me that the issues surrounding children and animals
are worth exploring in depth because how we deal with them illuminates
how we can incorporate new variants into our society <snip>
>> Children and animals aren't speculative developments; they're
here now, and we have thousands of years of experience with them.<<

I appreciate this line of thinking because it invites us to pour
our well stirred knowledge into new value-based recipes.

>Hear hear. Well said, and puts me in mind of:

>American Diplomat: "And if you had two shoes?"
Soviet Diplomat: "Ah, no fair, my friend... I *have* two shoes."<

Clever, Michael, and spot on.


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