Re: Controlling hurricanes
Fri, 17 Sep 1999 00:35:29 EDT

A friend of mine mentioned an idea he'd seen once. Hurricanes move heat from water to the upper atmosphere - that's their main source of energy. The idea is to deliver the heat to the upper atmosphere yourself, so the hurricane has nothing to use.

The proposal was to build 6-mile high vents and move air through them. The dynamics apparently cause this to be an energy-producing process. Essentially, it works rather like a controlled thunderstorm. The article claimed to have worked through the economics and the technical details of building something so enormous. The energy production would not be enought to pay for the cost of production, but if you added the energy produced to the insurance benefits to preventing hurricances, you have a winner. As a side benefit, air at the ground gets cooler. I suspect they did *not* address the issue of climate change from delivering such vast amounts of heat to the upper troposphere.

I'm sorry I can't provide a reference; I got this second-hand.