RE: Ordering Nanomedicine [was Re: NANOMED]

Jeff Davis (
Thu, 09 Sep 1999 21:21:29 -0700

Yesterday, while visiting the Half Moon Bay Library--my local library--I remembered that I wanted to put in a request for Nanomedicine. I knew, of course that it hadn't come out yet--was due to come out in October--but I also knew that there was some chance that the HMB library, or perhaps the Peninsula Library System of which it was a part, might choose to purchase a copy if there was a demand.

When I had finished putting in my request it occurred to me that if everyone did the same, at each and every library they visited, it could serve to increase, not only the sales of the book, but the distribution of the ideas contained therein. (Yes, I know, "Duh!!!") So I encourage all of you to make the small effort to do the same, and to likewise encourage your friends at academic institutions and elsewhere. Also, remember that multiple requests will only increase the likelihood that a library will decide to make the purchase.

The best to Robert in his efforts. His 1980 Nasa Summer Study is already among my most favored scribblings.

Best, Jeff Davis

"Everything's hard till you know how to do it."

Ray Charles