Re: kathryn's comments

Spike Jones (
Thu, 09 Sep 1999 21:07:30 -0700

> >Blaming American women for electing
> >Bill Clinton is stepping waaay over the line...
> Kathryn Aegis wrote: Well, that particular demographic did help elect >him. I don't see any particular malice in stating general facts backed >up by polling data....

True, but I was actually hoping to deflect attention from the more malicious parts of that particular post, and perhaps inject a bit of humor. {8-]

An interesting comment was made by Elizabeth Childs, regarding inflammatory comments being ignored by the list, implying agreement. In one of my favorite movies is A Man For All Seasons, Sir Thomas More [no relation to Max] strongly points out that silence is implied consent. This concept is not applicable to internet chat groups, where the obvious flame baiting is usually ignored. On the other hand, perhaps it should not be. On the third hand, internet posters can turn off the internal censors that interfere with honest and open communications when face to face. I dont know the answers. spike