Re: Waco: Govt Set Fire

Robert J. Bradbury (
Thu, 9 Sep 1999 15:40:41 -0700 (PDT)

On Thu, 9 Sep 1999, Ian Goddard wrote:

> This supports no other conclusion than
> that mass murder was the Govt's intent.

Not! It would be *highly* difficult to say the "government" as a big global body *intended* anything. The "intent" of *any* group of individuals, much less an organization such as a goverment is a difficult thing to determine and this statement screams of inflamatory rhetoric!

The last time I checked, the *government* included such things as the congress, the president and the courts. And getting them to agree on things, particularly something such as "lets commit mass murder" seems very iffy in my opinion.

Now, out-of-control individuals, acting in the "name" of the government can certainly (a) make mistakes; or (b) commit highly offensive acts. I would use the Watergate affair and/or certain policemen videotaped in Los Angelas as examples.

However, an individual (or group), acting improperly, in the "name" of the goverment is *no* excuse for lumping together all of the individuals who comprise the goverment and labeling them mass murderers.

I hope that the "bogusity meter" of everyone reading this statement went relatively off the scale. Claims this extreme should warn everyone that the individual(s) involved have an agenda to promote. That being the case, I would conclude that the video *should* be viewed with the knowledge that any digital media can obviously be faked. I personally have done bit editing on images. It isn't difficult and anyone can do it. Given the time delay between Wako and now, you should view any "hard" evidence with the knowledge that there has been plenty of time to "fix" a video and make it believable.

I do not intend these statements in any way as a conflict with statements made by Robin Hanson, whom I believe to be an individual who honestly presents things to the best of his ability to interpret them. The problem is that I doubt we have anyone in the group qualified to examine the video to the expert degree required and I do not know if the time lapse is great enough or advanced software technologies are good enough to have allowed an uncontestable falsification to have been made.

Buyer beware, trust but verify.