Weekly World News (was hermaphroditic birth???)

Thu, 9 Sep 1999 18:21:49 EDT

In a message dated 9/9/99 2:22:06 PM Pacific Daylight Time, hal@finney.org writes:

> If you become a connoisseur of tabloids, you will soon learn that the
> Weekly World News lies at the very bottom of the credibility scale.
> The publication is full of ape-children, alien babies, giant beasts of
> all sorts, biblical prophesies come true, and so on. It is actually
> quite entertaining, but I have the impression that virtually everything
> in the magazine is invented from whole cloth.

10 years ago, I was in a dance class with a girl who got something published in the WWN. They pay for unsolicited pictures if they choose to publish them. She and a couple of friends made some tinfoil getups and tromped around the Huntington Library near LA, taking pictures. They sent it in as "ALIENS INVADE HUNTINGTON LIBRARY!"

It got published, page 3, and she got $150.

To be honest, I never checked up on this, but she was pretty believable.